Are you passionate about promoting constructive and inclusive dialogues in Africa? Do you have insights and expertise in understanding or countering the harmful effects of discourse weaponization in the form of disinformation, misinformation, or negative narrative in the region? If so, we invite you to be a part of the Discourse Weaponization in Africa Conference as a distinguished speaker!

Event Overview:
The Conference aims to shed light on the growing concern of discourse manipulation in addressing the challenges to African unity, and the potential solutions. This forum will bring together influential thinkers, experts, and advocates to foster a critical exchange of ideas, strategies, and experiences to combat negative discourse narratives and subsequently enhance the positive aspects of discourse in promoting unity in Africa.

Conference Themes:
1. Emerging Forms of Discourse Weaponization in Africa: Identifying and analyzing the various methods and mechanisms employed to weaponize discourse in African
2. The Impact of Discourse Weaponization on African Societies: Examining how discourse weaponization influences public opinion, exacerbates conflict, and perpetuates inequalities in Africa.
3. Countering and Mitigating Harmful Discourse: Exploring effective approaches, tools, and strategies to tackle discourse weaponization, foster dialogue, and promote inclusive narratives for a stronger and more cohesive Africa.

Speaker Opportunities:
We are assembling a diverse and engaging panel of speakers who will share their expertise, research, and experiences related to discourse (weaponization) in Africa. If you have valuable insights, original research, or practical strategies, we encourage you to submit a speaker proposal encompassing the following:
1. Presentation title (and a succinct abstract, if possible, outlining the key themes and arguments).
2. Brief biography (maximum 100 words) highlighting your professional background, relevant experience, and areas of expertise.
3. Contact information: Name, email address, and telephone number.

Submission Guidelines:
Please e-mail your speaker proposal to Dr. Abdoulaye Mamat, Vice President of OAAD for Central Africa, with the subject line "Speaker Proposal - Discourse Weaponization in Africa"
Important Dates:
- Deadline for speaker proposal submission: 5th September 2023
- Notification of acceptance: 7th September 2023
- Conference date: 13th September 2023

Join us in this crucial endeavor to examine, understand, and counter the weaponization of discourse in Africa. Together, let's uncover valuable insights and strategies to ensure our continent's future is shaped by informed and inclusive conversations.