OAAD Initiatives

Ideas and movements birthed and driven by the Organization of African Academic Doctors

Paper To Product Initiative

In response to the longstanding challenge of disconnect between academic research and entrepreneurship in Africa and around the world, OAAD in collaboration with ZimbabweYoung Academy of Sciences (ZimYAS), People-Made Solutions Group (PMSG) International, NextLevel Educational Foundation International (NEF International), Asia Alliance of Learning Organizations and Shanghai Mingde Learning Organization Institute (SMILO) launched the Paper to Product Initiative (PPI), a platform/meeting point for academics and entrepreneurs to pursue mutual benefits in the transformation of research outputs to goods and services.

Peer Review, Publications &

Over 1000 manuscripts were reviewed by OAAD members and over 20 research articles published by nationally diverse researchers affiliated to OAAD, all in top impactful peer-reviewed SCI, SCIE and SSCI academic journals and less than one year.

Doctoring Solutions for Communities Initiative (OAAD DSCI)

As a way of implementing our desire to take impact to the grassroots and affect the lives of people on the streets of Africa, we set up the OAAD DOCTORING SOLUTIONS FOR COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE (OAAD DSCI). OAAD DSCI is implemented through Human Capital Development (HCD) activities across the continent. Our members spread in communities across the 54 countries in Africa understand the unique HCD challenges in their communities and we, home and abroad, work with them to support policymakers through research and directly enhance the quality of life for rural women, children, young people and whole communities..

Networking And Collaborative Research

Over 1000 people who had no likelihood of meeting have been connected and are strengthening their collaboration stamina.

OAAD Take Someone with You Initiative (OAAD T-SOWYI)

PhD holders of African descent around the world are providing long-term mentorship by adopting PhD students in their research and guiding them mentally, academically and socially.

OMG Initiative

About 200 Master Degree holders and current students who are interested in running a PhD are mentored under the OAAD Masters Grooming Initiative (OMG Initiative).

through OAAD Masters Grooming Initiative (OMG Initiative), we extend the mentorship to people who are not yet eligible to join the OAAD. Here, hands-on training on academic publishing is provided for master degree holders or current students as a means of enhancing their opportunities of getting PhD admissions and/or scholarships. This also empowers them to participate in changing the contested report that Africa contributes less than 1% of global research output.

Organizational Development Mentorship

Mentoring dozens of non-governmental organizations on organizational development using resources developed by OAAD for interprofessional collaborative works.

Africa Knowledge Economy Conference Series (AKECS)

To facilitate interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary knowledge exchanges on research outputs related to Africa from all fields of research, we launched AKECS which holds annually. We are learning about the challenges that face the sustainable development of Africa, we are learning what to do about them and we are learning how to do them!

No single person or organization can fully harness the abundant opportunities in Africa, so, we value collaboration where there is something for everyone to do. The least contributor today may become the greatest contributor tomorrow and if the greatest contributor today cherishes the opportunity of making an intergenerational impact, they shall always budget time to grow the community. It is more honourable to belong to the strongest community than to be the strongest person in a weak community.