OAAD and Veichi: Jointly Promoting Development


A Delegation of the President and Some OAAD Members Visit Veichi Electric to Explore New Cooperation Opportunities

On March 25, 2024, Dr. Elijah Odii, our President, led an OAAD delegation to visit and exchange ideas at the Sūzhōu Veichi Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Veichi Electric"). The Veichi Electric team was led by Mr. Lǐ Huī and Mr. Lú Mèngqí, the Director and Manager, respectively, of the company's International Business Department. The visit was undertaken as part of our efforts in pursuit of our vision to "enhance the quality of life in Africa through research, technology, and innovation."


Dr. Odii and the OAAD delegation, which comprised a dozen representatives from different countries, arrived at Veichi Electric and had cordial exchanges and talks with the Veichi team. Key discussions revolved around the issue of electricity and energy supply and shortage in Africa, and the development opportunities in the global new energy industry. Both sides also talked about Veichi Electric's solutions and applications in new energy, smart agriculture, urban infrastructure, and other areas. Both sides hope to achieve closer and deeper exchanges and cooperation in the future, effectively linking their respective strengths, and jointly helping to improve the quality of life in Africa.


After the meeting, Dr. Odii and the delegation visited Veichi Electric's brand exhibition hall accompanied by the Veichi team. They gained a good understanding of the company's development history, technological strengths, and industrial layout, especially in the field of new energy, robotics, and other case applications. Subsequently, the delegation visited Veichi Electric's automation factory and experimental center, and highly acknowledged the company's advanced production lines and laboratories.

It should be noted that Veichi Electric has been deeply rooted in the African market for many years, providing diversified solutions for Africa and the world, including heavy industry, light industry, high-end equipment, new energy, robotics, and other fields.

OAAD's visit to and interaction with Veichi Electric has strengthened both parties' resolve to explore future cooperation opportunities. In the future, Veichi Electric will deepen its African and global layout, further strengthen diversified exchanges and cooperation with African countries and regional international organizations, and contribute to the development of various industries in Africa and around the world.

For us at OAAD, this visit was additionally significant in that it came a few weeks after the passing of one of our major stakeholders, Prof. Presley K. Wesseh, an associate professor of Economics at the Xiàmén University and a prolific energy economics researcher. In fact, the visit is part of a series of initiatives being rolled out by OAAD in honor of Prof. Wesseh.