What is CSC Scholarship?

In order to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and people around the world, Chinese government sets up Chinese Government Scholarship for talented students and scholars to pursue higher education or conduct research in Chinese universities.

This time I will introduce 3 types of CSC programs:

  • Bilateral Program: Full scholarship or partial scholarship provided between China and foreign governments, institutions, schools and international organizations concerned. This program can recruit undergraduate, master's, doctoral, general and advanced students.

Deadline: Sometime around end of February

  • University Program: Full scholarships are provided to provincial education administrative departments in some provinces and autonomous regions of China, this program is for master’s and doctoral students only.

Deadline: Sometime around end of March

  • “Silk Road” program: is used by some Chinese universities to recruit outstanding international students from the “Belt and Road” countries to study in China. This program can recruit outstanding international students for undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees.

Deadline: Sometime around end of May


Applicant Eligibilities

  • Non-Chinese citizen .
  • For an undergraduate program; be an academically excellent holder of high school diploma or its equivalent and is under the age of 25 when applying.
  • For a Master’s program, be an academically excellent holder of a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and is under the age of 35 when applying.
  • For a doctoral program; an academically excellent holder of a Master’s degree or its equivalent, and is under the age of 40 when applying.
  • The applicants must meet the admission requirements of the university of preference in terms of language proficiency and academic ability, among others, when applying for a program taught in a language other than Chinese.


Available Universities.

There are lots of education institution in China accepting CSC students. Those who apply for scholarships to study in China must choose colleges and majors from specific universities. Here’s a link through which you can check universities below:



How to apply CSC scholarship

  1. Select three most suitable universities to apply.
  2. Choose the type of scholarship according to its funding.
  3. Contact the university which you are interested in and get a Pre-admission letter.
  4. Fill in CSC system
  5. Follow up school’s feedback timely, and complete admission-related operations according to school requirements.

Scholarships 2023-2024 for BS, MS, PHD Admission

Deadline (March 31, 2023)

Opening date (August 24, 2022)

Type (Fully Funded)

International students can presently apply for the fully funded China Scholarships for the 2023–2024 academic year. With the assistance of renowned universities, those who are interested can take advantage of the chance and fund their BS, MS, and Ph.D. studies at the prestigious institutes in China under the Chinese and Provincial Government scholarships.

While this is going on, qualified students can still apply for these scholarships without having taken the IELTS because other exams or language competency certificates are acceptable alternatives. But in order to qualify for university-sponsored scholarships for Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. degrees, applicants must meet certain language and admission requirements and submit their applications before the deadline.

  • Beijing Municipal Government Scholarships:

The Beijing Municipal Scholarships, a fully-funded programme open to students who want to pursue an undergraduate degree from famous universities, are the key to studying in Beijing, China.

While this is going on, international bachelor's degree candidates will receive RMB 20,000 in scholarship funds to help them with living expenses. For the programmes offered by the Beijing Municipal Government, IELTS results are not required. Candidates can apply for this scholarship while enrolled at China Central Academy, China University of Law & Political Science, etc., and choose whether to submit a certificate of Chinese or English language competency.

  • Shanghai Government Scholarship

SGS provides a free Bachelor's degree programme to international students struggling financially to complete their undergrad degrees in China without a scholarship, which is another exciting but valuable possibility for abroad candidates. In order to assist these deserving students, the Shanghai Government Scholarship is prepared to offer fully-funded sponsorship packages that include things like medical insurance, tuition waivers, monthly stipends, on-campus housing, and much more.

Candidates must be non-Chinese, under the age of 23, and in excellent health in order to qualify. However, this programme accepts the language test results from the chosen university.

  • CSC China Council Scholarships

The Chinese government has made every effort to establish positive and cordial relations with foreign nations. Due to this, a number of Chinese colleges, including Shanghai University, have partnered to launch the CSC scholarships for overseas undergrads. For the appropriate students, these scholarships are accessible in both Chinese and English. In the meantime, applicants will get a monthly living allowance of CNY RMB 2500, free housing, and tuition reimbursement.

The CSC scheme accepts applications via the university or embassy track with IELTS or TOEFL scores, two letters of recommendation, and a preference letter from non-Chinese applicants. Application process is online.

  • Peking University Scholarships

Universities in China play a significant role in promoting education among international students from low-income nations for a BS degree programme, much like the Chinese government does. One of the universities that provides fully financed scholarships without IELTS requirements is Peking University.

As a result, students who are interested can apply for programmes like the CIS, China Council Scholarships, Peking Overseas Students Scholarships, and many others. In the meantime, perks like travel fees, other costs here and there, a monthly allowance, free lodging, etc.

  • Fudan University Scholarship

Next, we have the highly regarded Fudan University, which provides BS students from many nationalities with fully or partially financed scholarship programmes. These students are eligible to apply for numerous scholarships, including those offered by Shanghai, the China Development Bank, the Belt and Road Initiative, Fudan Boxue, and many more.

However, qualified individuals must not be citizens of China and be in good physical and mental health. A statement of intent, study plans, recommendations, and other materials are required when applying for scholarships. IELTS, TOEFL, DET, and PTE scores are accepted from applicants for Fudan University undergraduate scholarships.

  • ASEAN China young Leader Scholarship

Students from ASEAN nations, such as Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc., are qualified for the ACYLS programme and are encouraged to apply for this fantastic opportunity to fund their Master's degree while studying in China. Students who apply for the ACYLS programme must be under 45, in good physical and mental health, and able to provide IELTS or TOEFL scores along with proof of a year of employment.

The People's Republic of China and the ASEAN Member States collaborated on this scholarship programme, which offers a variety of interesting academic privileges like free lodging, overseas airfare, health insurance, and support for school and tuition fees.

  • MOFCOM Scholarships

The China Scholarship Council and the Ministry of the People's Republic of China collaborated to create these funded MOFCOM scholarships to assist foreign students who are travelling to China to pursue fully funded Master's degrees. Tuition, survey fees, research expenses, a monthly stipend of 36,000 RMB, allowances for medical and English taught programmes, and other benefits are available to selected scholars.

To be eligible to apply for the MOFCOM scholarships, candidates must be at least 45 years old, hold a BS degree, and be able to provide documentation of their Chinese or English language ability.

In the interim, candidates can submit their IELTS or equivalent test results to satisfy the requirements.

  • Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship

The Shanghai government, in collaboration with respected Chinese universities, is accepting applications for the Shanghai Municipal Scholarships from international students who have demonstrated academic excellence, a high GPA, and job experience. These scholarships are available for non-Chinese overseas students under 35 with a BS degree and a level 4 in the HSK test who wish to pursue a master's degree.

Candidates must not be enrolled in any other supported programme at the time they apply for the Shanghai Municipal Government Scheme. However, the Shanghai scholarships come with a financing package that covers airfare, health insurance, lodging in university residence halls, and living expenses.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must submit the language test results from the school they have chosen.

  • Chinese Belt and Road Scholarships

For international students seeking a Master's degree in a variety of subjects, the highly regarded Renmin University in China has offered fully-funded scholarships through the Belt and Roads initiative. Through these scholarships, students will have the chance to complete their MS degrees in English-taught programmes while learning about Chinese culture.

However, students from the countries that make up the Belt and Road Initiative can only apply to this programme and submit their online applications from September to October. The first-place winner will receive Yuan 80000, second-place winner will receive Yuan 40000, and third-place winner will receive Yuan 20000 as scholarship awards. In contrast, the fellowship accepts IELTS and TOEFL scores and has a one-year duration.

  • China University of Petroleum Scholarships

According to the QS World Rankings, one of the top universities in China is the China University of Petroleum. Additionally, this esteemed institution is well known for awarding outstanding overseas students who want to pursue an MS degree from this location sponsored scholarship programmes that are partially and totally funded. Meanwhile, the Petroleum University China offers a variety of scholarships, including those from the Beijing Government, the China University of Petroleum, and the Language Teachers Scholarship.

Each scholarship's eligibility requirements are unique from the others. Therefore, those under 35 who are seeking for MS scholarships must carefully read the specifications. The Petroleum University Scholarships, on the other hand, include housing, a monthly stipend of RMB 2000, health insurance, and tuition waivers. Valid language proficiency assessments for these scholarships are IELTS & TOEFL.

You can apply for scholarships through China Scholarship Council official website.


List of Chinese universities accepting low CGPA for masters

It goes without saying that getting into a prestigious university is growing harder and harder. If your CGPA isn’t as high as you’d like it to be, what are your options?

Actually, there are a lot of Chinese colleges that accept students with low GPAs if you want to study overseas. For anyone who may have had difficulties in their undergraduate studies but still wishes to pursue a master’s degree, this is fantastic news.

Here is a list of some of the Chinese universities that accept students with low GPAs:

  • Beijing Normal University
  • Tianjin University
  • Shandong University
  • Nanjing University
  • Fudan University

So, don’t get discouraged if your GPA isn’t as good as you’d like it to be. You still have a ton of options, like enrolling in one of these top Chinese universities.

In general, low CGPAs are increasingly being accepted for master’s degrees at Chinese universities. Due to the fierce rivalry for jobs in China and the fact that many firms are increasingly seeking applicants with higher education levels, this has happened.

Check out the prerequisites for the various universities you’re interested in if you’re thinking of earning a master’s degree in China. And don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any.


Updated List of Chinese Universities Without Application Fee for CSC Scholarship 2022

  1. Donghua University Shanghai (Application Fee after Selection)
  2. China Normal University (CNU )
  3. Dalian University of Technology (DUT)
  4. North West University (NWU)
  5. Nanjing University
  6. Southeast Uni (Application fee after selection)
  7. Sichuan University (SCU)
  8. Wuhan University of Technology (WUT)
  9. Shandong University (SDU)
  10. NUAA
  11. Tainjin University
  12. Fujian University
  13. Southwest University (application fee after selection)
  14. CQUPT
  15. Wuhan University (WHU)
  16. Harbin Engineering University (HEU)
  17. Harbin university of science and technology. (HRBUST)
  18. South China University of Technology
  19. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. (ZUST)
  20. Yanshan University
  21. NANJING Agriculture University
  22. HUAZHONG Agriculture University
  24. SHANDONG Normal University (SDNU)
  25. Renmin University of China,
  26. Yangzte University
  27. Northwest A & F University. (NWAFU)
  28. Shaanxi Normal University. (SNNU)
  29. Fujian Normal University (FJNU)
  30. Taiyyuan University of Technology ( TYUT)
  31. Chonqing Jiaotong University (CQUT)
  32. Nanchang University
  33. CCNU
  34. Shanghai Maritime University
  35. Fujian University of Technology ( FJUT)
  36. Sichuan Agriculture University
  37. Shandong University of Science Technology
  38. USTC
  39. UCAS
  40. Zhengzhou University
  41. Lanzhou University


New CSC Updated Universities List 2022-2023 || CSC Guide Official

Some new universities were added to this list and some of them were removed. This is the latest list by Chinese government for a Chinese government scholarship (CSC) 2022-2023. You must check the universities where you want to apply. There are 273 universities on this list. All these Universities are updated on CSC Official Website. If you want to check on the official CSC portal then you can check on campuschina.org.

Last year 279 universities were on this list, but this year CSC removed some universities’ names from the list. Now according to the new CSC Universities List, CSC Offer Scholarships to 273 Universities. Following is the 2022-2023 CSC Updated Universities List, and also the Chinese Government Scholarship Updated Universities list.

  1. China University of Geosciences (Beijing) (Agency Number: 11415)
  2. Anhui Agricultural University (Agency Number: 10364)
  3. Anhui Medical University (Agency Number: 10366)
  4. Anhui Normal University (Agency Number: 10370)
  5. Anhui University (Agency Number: 10357)
  6. Anshan Normal University Liaoning China (Agency Number:10169)
  7. Beihang University (Agency Number: 10006)
  8. Beihua University (Agency Number: 10201)
  9. Beijing Film Academy (Agency Number: 10050)
  10. Beijing Foreign Studies University (Agency Number: 10030)
  11. Beijing Forestry University (Agency Number: 10022)
  12. Beijing Institute of Technology (Agency Number: 10007)
  13. Beijing International Studies University (Agency Number: 10030)
  14. Beijing Jiaotong University (Agency Number: 10004)
  15. Beijing Language and Culture University (Agency Number: 10032)
  16. Beijing Normal University (Agency Number: 10027)
  17. Beijing Sport University (Agency Number: 10043
  18. Beijing Technology and Business University (Agency Number: 10011)
  19. Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Agency Number: 10010)
  20. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10026
  21. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (Agency Number: 10013)
  22. Beijing University of Technology (Agency Number: 10005)
  23. Bohai University (Agency Number: 10167)
  24. Capital Medical University (Agency Number: 10025)
  25. Capital Normal University (Agency Number: 10028)
  26. Capital University of Economics and Business (Agency Number: 10038)
  27. Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (Agency Number: 10029)
  28. Central Academy of Fine Arts (Agency Number: 10047
  29. Central China Normal University (Agency Number: 10511)
  30. Central Conservatory of Music (Agency Number: 10045)
  31. Changsha University of Science and Technology (Agency Number: 10536
  32. Central South University (Agency Number: 10533)
  33. Central University of Finance and Economics (Agency Number: 10034)
  34. Chang’an University (Agency Number: 10710)
  35. Changchun University of Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10199)
  36. Changchun University of Science and Technology (Agency Number: 10186)
  37. Changchun University (Agency Number: 11726)
  38. Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10633)
  39. China Academy of Art (Agency Number: 10355)
  40. China Agricultural University (Agency Number: 10019)
  41. China Foreign Affairs University (Agency Number: 10040)
  42. China Medical University (Agency Number: 10159)
  43. China Pharmaceutical University (Agency Number: 10316)
  44. China Three Gorges University (Agency Number: 11075)
  45. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (Agency Number: 10491)
  46. China University of Mining and Technology (Agency Number: 10290
  47. China University of Petroleum (Beijing) (Agency Number: 11414)
  48. China University of Petroleum(East China) (Agency Number: 10425)
  49. China University of Political Science and Law (Agency Number: 10053)
  50. Chongqing Jiaotong University (Agency Number: 10618)
  51. Chongqing Medical University (Agency Number: 10631)
  52. Chongqing Normal University (Agency Number: 10637)
  53. Chongqing University (Agency Number: 10611)
  54. Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications (Agency Number:


  1. Communication University of China (Agency Number: 10033)
  2. Dali University (Agency Number: 10679)
  3. Dalian Jiaotong University (Agency Number: 10150
  4. Dalian Maritime University (Agency Number: 10151)
  5. Dalian Medical University (Agency Number: 10161)
  6. Dalian Polytechnic University (Agency Number: 10152)
  7. Dalian University of Foreign Languages (Agency Number: 10172)
  8. Dalian University of Technology (Agency Number: 10141)
  9. Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (Agency Number: 10173)
  10. Donghua University (Agency Number: 10255)
  11. East China Normal University (Agency Number: 10269)
  12. East China University of Political Science and Law (Agency Number: 10276)
  13. East China University of Science and Technology (Agency Number: 10251)
  14. Fudan University (Agency Number: 10246)
  15. Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (Agency Number: 10389)
  16. Fujian Medical University (Agency Number: 10392)
  17. Fujian Normal University (Agency Number: 10394)
  18. Fujian University of Technology (Agency Number: 10388
  19. Fuzhou University (Agency Number: 10386)
  20. Gannan Normal University (Agency Number: 10418)
  21. Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Agency Number:82101)
  22. Guangxi Medical University (Agency Number:10598
  23. Guangxi Normal University (Agency Number: 10602)
  24. Guangxi University (Agency Number: 10593)
  25. Guangzhou Medical University (Agency Number: 10570)
  26. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10572)
  27. Guilin University of Electronic Technology (Agency Number: 10595)
  28. Guizhou Minzu University (Agency Number: 10672)
  29. Guizhou Normal University (Agency Number: 10663)
  30. Guizhou University (Agency Number: 10657)
  31. Hainan Normal University (Agency Number: 11658)
  32. Hainan University (Agency Number: 10589)
  33. Hangzhou Normal University (Agency Number: 10346)
  34. Harbin Engineering University (Agency Number: 10217)
  35. Harbin Institute of Technology (Agency Number: 10213)
  36. Harbin Normal University (Agency Number: 10231)
  37. Harbin University of Science and Technology (Agency Number: 10214)
  38. Hebei Medical University (Agency Number: 10089)
  39. Hebei Normal University (Agency Number: 10094)
  40. Hebei University of Economics and Business (Agency Number: 11832)
  41. Hebei University of Technology (Agency Number: 10080)
  42. Hefei University (Agency Number: 11059)
  43. Hefei University of Technology (Agency Number: 10359)
  44. Heihe University (Agency Number: 13744)
  45. Heilongjiang University (Agency Number: 10212)
  46. Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10228)
  47. Henan University (Agency Number: 10475)
  48. Henan University of Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10471)
  49. Henan University of Technology (HAUT) (Agency Number: 10463)
  50. Hohai University (Agency Number: 10294)
  51. Huangshan University (Agency Number: 10375)
  52. Huaqiao University (Agency Number: 10385)
  53. Huazhong Agricultural University (Agency Number: 10504)
  54. Huazhong University of Science & Technology (Agency Number: 10487)
  55. Hubei University (Agency Number: 10512)
  56. Hunan Normal University (Agency Number: 10542)
  57. Hunan University (Agency Number: 10532)
  58. Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (Agency Number: 10129)
  59. Inner Mongolia Normal University (Agency Number: 10135)
  60. Inner Mongolia University (Agency Number: 10126)
  61. Inner Mongolia University of Technology (Agency Number: 10128)
  62. Jiamusi University (Agency Number: 10222)
  63. Jiangnan University (Agency Number: 10295)
  64. Jiangsu Normal University (Agency Number: 10320)
  65. Jiangsu University (Agency Number: 10299)
  66. Jiangxi Normal University (Agency Number: 10414)
  67. Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (Agency Number: 10421)
  68. Jilin Agricultural University (Agency Number: 10193)
  69. Jilin International Studies University (Agency Number: 10964)
  70. Jilin Normal University (Agency Number: 10203)
  71. Jilin University (Agency Number: 10183)
  72. Jinan University (Agency Number: 10559)
  73. Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (Agency Number: 10408)
  74. Jinzhou Medical University (Agency Number: 10160)
  75. Kunming Medical University (Agency Number: 10678)
  76. Kunming University of Science and Technology (Agency Number: 10674)
  77. Lanzhou Jiaotong University (Agency Number: 10732)
  78. Lanzhou University (Agency Number: 10730)
  79. Lanzhou University of Technology (Agency Number: 10731
  80. Liaoning Shihua University (Agency Number: 10148)
  81. Liaoning Technical University (Agency Number:10147)
  82. Liaoning Univeristy of Technology (Agency Number: 10154)
  83. Liaoning University (Agency Number: 10140)
  84. Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10162)
  85. Ludong University (Agency Number: 10451)
  86. Minzu University of China (Agency Number: 10052)
  87. Mudanjiang Normal University (Agency Number: 10233)
  88. Nanchang Hangkong University (Agency Number: 10406)
  89. Nanchang University (Agency Number: 10403)
  90. Nanjing Agricultural University (Agency Number: 10307)
  91. Nanjing Medical University (Agency Number: 10312)
  92. Nanjing Normal University (Agency Number: 10319)
  93. Nanjing University (Agency Number: 10284)
  94. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Agency Number: 10287)
  95. Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10315)
  96. Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (Agency Number: 10300)
  97. Nanjing University of Science and Technology (Agency Number: 10288)
  98. Nanjing University of the Arts (Agency Number: 10331)
  99. Nankai University (Agency Number: 10055)
  100. Nantong University (Agency Number: 10304)
  101. Ningbo University (Agency Number: 11646)
  102. Ningbo University of Technology (Agency Number: 11058)
  103. Ningxia Medical University (Agency Number: 10752)
  104. Ningxia University (Agency Number: 10749 )
  105. North China Electric Power University (Agency Number: 10054)
  106. North China University of Technology (Agency Number: 10009)
  107. Northeast Agricultural University (Agency Number: 10224)
  108. Northeast Electric Power University (Agency Number: 10188)
  109. Northeast Forestry University (Agency Number: 10225)
  110. Northeast Normal University (Agency Number: 10200)
  111. Northeastern University (Agency Number: 10145)
  112. Northwest A&F University (Agency Number: 10712)
  113. Northwest Normal University (Agency Number: 10736)
  114. Northwest University (Agency Number: 10697)
  115. Northwestern Polytechnical University (Agency Number: 10699)
  116. Ocean University of China (Agency Number: 10423)
  117. Peking University (Agency Number: 10001)
  118. Qingdao University (Agency Number: 11065)
  119. Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST) (Agency Number: 10426)
  120. Qinghai University (Agency Number: 10743)
  121. Qiqihar University (Agency Number: Number not Found )
  122. Renmin University of China (Agency Number: 10002)
  123. Shaanxi Normal University (Agency Number: 10718)
  124. Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10716)
  125. Shandong Normal University (Agency Number: 10445)
  126. Shandong University (Agency Number: 10422)
  127. Shandong University of Science and Technology (Agency Number: 10424)
  128. Shandong University of Technology (Agency Number: 10433)
  129. Shanghai Conservatory of Music (Agency Number: 10278)
  130. Shanghai International Studies University (Agency Number: 10271)
  131. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Agency Number: 10248)
  132. Shanghai Maritime University (Agency Number: 10254)
  133. Shanghai Normal University (Agency Number: 10270)
  134. Shanghai Ocean University (Agency Number: 10264)
  135. Shanghai University (Agency Number: 10280)
  136. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Agency Number: 10272)
  137. Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (Agency Number:10273)
  138. Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (Agency Number: 11835)
  139. Shanghai University of Sport (Agency Number: 10277)
  140. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10268)
  141. Shantou University (Agency Number: 10560)
  142. Shanxi University (Agency Number: 10108)
  143. Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10809)
  144. Shenyang Aerospace University (Agency Number: 10143)
  145. Shenyang Jianzhu University (Agency Number: 10153)
  146. Shenyang Ligong University (Agency Number: 10144)
  147. Shenyang Normal University (Agency Number: 10166)
  148. Shenyang University of Technology (Agency Number: 10142)
  149. Shihezi University (Agency Number: 10759)
  150. Sichuan International Studies University (Agency Number: 10650)
  151. Sichuan University (Agency Number: 10610)
  152. Soochow University (Agency Number: 10285)
  153. South China Normal University (Agency Number: 10574)
  154. South China University of Technology (Agency Number: 10561)
  155. Southeast University (Agency Number: 10286)
  156. Southern Medical University (Agency Number: 12121)
  157. Southwest Jiaotong University (Agency Number: 10613)
  158. Southwest University (Agency Number: 10635)
  159. Southwest University of Political Science and Law (Agency Number: 10652)
  160. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Agency Number: 10651)
  161. Sun Yat-sen University (Agency Number: 10558)
  162. Taiyuan University of Technology (Agency Number: 10112)
  163. The Central Academy of Drama (Agency Number: 10048)
  164. Tiangong University (Agency Number: 10058 )
  165. Tianjin University (Agency Number: 10056)
  166. Tianjin Foreign Studies University (Agency Number: 10068)
  167. Tianjin Medical University (Agency Number: 10062)
  168. Tianjin Normal University (Agency Number: 10065)
  169. Tianjin University of Science and Technology (Agency Number: 10057 )
  170. Tianjin University of Technology and Education (Agency Number: 10066)
  171. Tianjin University of Technology, China (Agency Number: 10060)
  172. Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Agency Number: 10063)
  173. Tongji University (Agency Number: 10247)
  174. Tsinghua University (Agency Number: 10003)
  175. University of Chinese Academic of Sciences (Agency Number: 80001)
  176. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Agency Number: 10614)
  177. Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (Agency Number: 10273)
  178. University of Jinan (Agency Number: 10427)
  179. University of Science and Technology Liaoning (Agency Number: 10146)
  180. University of Science and Technology Beijing (Agency Number: 10008) University of Science and Technology of China (Agency Number: 10358)
  181. University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (Agency Number: 10252)
  182. Wenzhou Medical University (Agency Number: 10343)
  183. Wenzhou University (Agency Number: 10351)
  184. Wuhan Sports University (Agency Number: 10522)
  185. Wuhan Textile University (Agency Number: 10495)
  186. Wuhan University (Agency Number: 10486)
  187. Wuhan University of Technology (Agency Number: 10497)
  188. Wuyi University (Agency Number: 10397)
  189. Xi’an Jiaotong University (Agency Number: 10698)
  190. Xi’an Shiyou University (Agency Number: 10705 )
  191. Xiamen University (Agency Number: 10384)
  192. Xiamen University of Technology (Agency Number: 11062)
  193. Xiangtan University (Agency Number: 10530)
  194. Xidian University (Agency Number: 10701)
  195. Xinjiang Medical University (Agency Number: 10760)
  196. Xinjiang Normal University (Agency Number: 10762)
  197. Xinjiang University (Agency Number: 10755)
  198. Yanbian University (Agency Number: 10184)
  199. Yangtze University (Agency Number: 10489)
  200. Yangzhou University (Agency Number: 11117)
  201. Yanshan University (Agency Number: 10216)
  202. Yantai University (Agency Number: 11066)
  203. Yunnan Agricultural University (Agency Number: 10676)
  204. Yunnan Minzu University (Agency Number: 10691 Note: When you put this on CSC Portal its shows Yunnan University of Nationalities but it’s for Yunnan Minzu University don’t worry about it.)
  205. Yunnan Normal University (Agency Number:10681 )
  1. Yunnan University (Agency Number: 10673)
  2. Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (Agency Number: 10689)
  3. Zhejiang Gongshang University (Agency Number:10353 )
  4. Zhejiang Normal University (Agency Number: 10345)
  5. Zhejiang Ocean University (Agency Number: 10340)
  6. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (Agency Number: 10338)
  7. Zhejiang University (Agency Number: 10335)
  8. Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (Agency Number: 11057)
  9. Zhejiang University of Technology (Agency Number: 10337)
  10. Zhengzhou University (Agency Number: 10459)
  11. Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (Agency Number: 10520)


How to Get Acceptance Letter from a Chinese Professor

Sending emails with your educational CV to a Chinese professor for an acceptance letter is the first step you must take if you want to apply for the China Scholarship 2023–2024.

When you wish to send emails to Chinese professors, you first consider which emails to send them, the first step is to learn how to email Chinese professors. The email format that you can use to send emails to Chinese professors is as follows;

The first concern that arises now when emailing Chinese professors is what to put in the subject line of the acceptance letter. Here are some examples of enticing email subject lines.

Subject line of emails:

  • Inquiry About Supervision (This one is prettier)
  • Request for Letter of Acceptance
  • Request for Letter of Acceptance for Supervision


Another query is what text should be in the email body. Therefore, please be certain that this email's content contains the acceptance letter. The two email body formats are listed below, any of these two formats are acceptable.

Email Body Format:

Respected Professor,

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous Day

I am “your name” from “Country”. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in the field of “degree name” from “Your University name”.

I am interested in pursuing a Master’s/PHD Degree at your University. I hope you don’t mind getting in touch, I would like to inquire if you are currently accepting students in your research group for MS. I have gone through your profile and found that your research areas/ interests are well matching to my interest. I can work on different research topics under your kind supervision and guidance with my deep interest.

I am solely interested in doing research in MS under your supervision for the year 2023 and all the expenses of my research will be sponsored by CSC Scholarship or any other available scholarship at your university or if you have any research funding, kindly guide me about those too and support me if you can.

I have prepared all the required documents. It will enhance my chances of scholarship if I am able to get acceptance from you, my detailed CV is attached herewith.

Thank you very much for your time to review my CV. I’m hoping you will positively consider my application.

I may request you to provide me an opportunity to pursue my higher studies under your kind supervision and having an acceptance letter from you will have a positive effect on my application. If you need any other information, please let me know, I would be glad to furnish the same.

Thank You for Your Time and Consideration.


Your name


University name

“Add your educational CV in mail box “


Few Questions and their Answers:

  • I have done FA/FSC/ICS can I apply?

Ans) Yes! You can apply for Bachelor degree (BS)

  • I'm in last semester/year of my Bachelor/Master program. can I apply?

Ans) yes you can Do. (With bonafide certificate)

  •  I have low GPA/Percentage can I apply?

Ans) Yes!

  • Do I need Acceptance letter?

Ans) Italy=No you don't need

China = for some University's you need not for all

  • I don't have IELTS, GRE or any other English proficiency certificate. Can I apply?

Ans) Yes you can apply! For Chinese University's all you need is English proficiency certificate.

For Italian University's it's not mandatory may be for some cases or in future it can embassy's requirement.

  • Are there Universities with no registration fee?

Ans) for Italian University's you need 30 euros for one application.

Some Chinese University's are offering free registration. (Check on CSC official portal)

  • What documents are required?

(First and most important thing)

Ans) Check requirements for admission on University's website (remember deadline for application)

 I don't know know how to apply? Please guide!

Ans) You have an iPhone/android/Laptop, Open the YouTube, Search: how to apply for University of .....


Application procedure for university of....

(A lot of material is available) Best of Luck!


CSC Scholarship Applying Procedure with Documents

Step 1. You need to Send Emails to Chinese Professor for Getting Acceptance

Step 2. Try to Contact with Chinese Professor to get acceptance letter

Step 3. For Getting Acceptance letter you need to make a strong CV.

Step 4. After Getting acceptance letter you need to prepare other Documents

NOTE : Acceptance letter is not mandatory you can apply for scholarship without acceptance letter but with acceptance letter you increase your chances of Selection for scholarship

Step 5. When you Complete your All documents Then you check the deadline of every university in which you want to apply

Step 6. After Checking the Deadline and required documents of university in which you want to apply then you need to fill CSC online application form

List of necessary Documents for CSC Scholarship

  1. Passport
  2. Two Recommendation Letters
  3. English Proficiency Certificate

4.Physical Examination Form for Foreigners

  1. Study plan or Research proposal
  2. Notarized Bachelor degree if you applying for Masters (MS), and Notarized Master Degree If you applying for PHD.

NOTE: If you have transcript and don’t have your degree yet then make Provisional certificate form Your university in which you or graduated. If you are currently studying in in 7th or 8th semester and don’t have transcript and degree yet, then you make a Hope certificate from your university.

NOTE: You will notarize your documents from any lawyer in your district courts. Go to your district or city courts and ask them to notarized your documents then they charge 10 RS per page and notarize your documents. Just your Bachelor and Masters degree should be notarized. If you have hope and provisional Certificate then it should also be notarized. For undergraduate students

  1. Notarized Bachelor Transcript if you applying for Masters and Master transcript if you applying for PHD. Note: Your bachelor and master transcript should also be notarized
  2. CV


Government Scholarships 2022-2023 Fully Funded under CSC (China Scholarships Council) for your Undergraduate, Master and PhD Degree.

CSC Scholarships 2022-2023 Benefits for International Students:

Undergraduate / Bachelor's Program CSC Scholarship: CNY 2500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition, and free accommodation

MS / Master Program Students CSC Scholarship: CNY 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition, and free room

PhD / Doctoral Program Students CSC Scholarship: CNY 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition, and free room.

CSC 2020 Application Material: For CSC Online Portal:

List of Mandatory Documents:

  1. Degrees and Transcripts:

Please make sure degrees and transcripts are attested for CSC Scholarships application submission.

Degrees Black Copy Notarized (Please Visit Lawyer or Notary Public Office in your City to Get Attested). Note: If you are waiting for coming convocation for your degree then use Provisional Certificate/ whereby your degree is not completed use Hope certificate.

Transcript black copy Notarized ( Please Visit Lawyer or Notary Public Office to Get Attested).

Note: If degree not complete then semester result. But make sure that your degree will be complete before August or in start of September. Because at Visa Time you must show Transcript in embassy.

  1. Recommendation Letters:

International Students have to submit 2 Recommendation Letters from his/her teachers.

Ask two of your teachers to give you a favor by writing recommendation letters for you for CSC Scholarship application and upload them in CSC portal (It is necessary and don’t send the original letters to university make copy and then send).

  1. IELTS or HSK Certificates:

Students can apply without IELTS certificate or HSK certificate both are optional, if you have then it could help your application.

Students have to provide English Proficiency Certificate from Home University. It is a simple certificate stating that your last degree was taught in the English language and student can obtain English Proficiency Certificate from their universities. (Almost all university accept English Proficiency letter from university).

  1. Physical Medical Examination:

Take Physical Examination Medical form to a nearby government hospital and carry out the tests which are mentioned in physical examination form, after the completion of all the tests doctor will sign and stamp your photo which you will have to attach on physical examination form.

  1. Study Plan / Research Proposal / Motivation letter:

Write Study plan / Research Proposal / Motivation letter. (Research Paper abstract/title page if you published for your CSC application 2020)

  1. Passport:

Apply for a passport if you don’t have it now and make sure you have it at the time of submission of your CSC Scholarship application.

  1. Picture:

Picture With Blue or White Background is required.

  1. Police Clearance Certificate:

Students can apply without police clearance certificate, but at the time of Visa processing student have to provide police clearance document from his/her city police station to make sure you don't have any criminal records.

List of Other Supporting Documents:

"Not Mandatory but Plus Point"

  1. Acceptance Letter:

Start Emailing now to Professors for Acceptance. Search professors profile related to your field of your desired university and send them emails and please don’t copy email from others make it your own. Many of Chinese Universities preferred applicant having acceptance letter from university teacher where he/she is applying and some universities have no requirement of acceptance letter but if you have acceptance letter it is good symbol for you.

How To Get Acceptance Letter: Find out if your desired Chinese University support CSC Scholarships

Find out the Faculty List of targeted University/Universities.

Find Professors which is matching with your field and email him/her for acceptance letter.

Note: How to Write Email to Professor for Acceptance Letter:

If you are applying for high ranked university/Universities then you must try for acceptance letter, you will be preferred. If you are applying for university having limited quota of seats then also try for acceptance letter, you will be preferred.

  • Curriculum vitae (CV): Professional CV 1-2 Pages.
  • Character Certificate: College or University Character Certificate.
  • Experience Letter: Professional Experience Certificate from Organization
  • Any other certificates: You can attach any other certificate which is bonus point for your CSC application.


Application Procedure for CSC Scholarships 2023:

Note: Students have to follow the following procedure for apply with all the mentioned documents above. Students have to Apply on CSC Application Website and University Admission.