Organization of African Academic Doctors


Wasomi Charity Foundation

With guidance from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Republic of Nigeria (Shanghai Consulate)

And in partnership with 8 other International Organizations Across Africa and Asia (details below).




Organizers and Partners

Organization of African Academic Doctors (OAAD)

OAAD is an international, inter-professional organization with a vision to enhance the quality of life in Africa through research, technology, and innovation. While our target numerical strength is 200,000 African PhD holders and PhD students; thousands of our current members are contributing to global sustainable development around the world as professors, innovators, entrepreneurs, early career researchers, government and diverse sectoral leaders in Africa, North America, Asia, Europe and South America. Through the systems of our 46 research groups, we are leveraging technology to remain in touch as we institutionalize research collaboration among African researchers and advance mutually beneficial engagements between them and entrepreneurs. The trust we build in the process and the cumulative social capital of our members empower us to work with real communities across Africa; consolidating human capital for sustainable development and facilitating people-led innovative solutions across diverse sectors of the economy.

Wasomi Charity Foundation (WCF)

Wasomi Charity Foundation (WCF) is a pan-African international organization which drives broad-based and strategic developmental agenda with a core model of facilitating community-based sustainable development to the many grassroot communities of Africa. Over the years, WCF has benefitted from the commitment of African elites who see the need to use their privileges in pursuit of enhancement of the quality of lives of real everyday people across Africa. This initiative is about Africans coming together and putting heads together to grow Africa. We explore projects, mobilize professionals of African descent, attract funding or investment as the case may be and implement for the betterment of some parts of Africa. The fact that Africa is blessed with immense potentials is no news; the onus is therefore on Africans to unlock, develop and maintain these potentials.

NEF Int’l

Next Level Educational Foundation International 启望国际教育基金 (NEF Int’l). NEF Int’l is a global organization with board members from Nigeria, China, Canada and the United States of America with a mission to facilitate removal of educational barriers towards optimization of human potentials at Individual, Institutional, Community and Country levels (I2C2).

TogetherPeople International (TPI)  

TPI is a global organization, of People-Made Solutions Group which focuses on expanding the chances of individuals, governmental or non-organizations mutually beneficial goals which none of them can independently achieve. The cardinals at TPI are entrepreneurship, education and culture.


AntsPlan takes root in Shanghai and working with various government agencies serves the Yangtze River Delta Integration of rural revitalization, currently operating the "pastoral five towns," and carries out rural cadre training, international youth agricultural innovation training and youth research services!

It is a four-in-one entrepreneurial platform providing entrepreneurs with: "home" where dreams set sail - Ants Nesting, early investment - Ant Fund (including seed fund, angel fund and Round A fund), Internet talents - Ants Education (committed to training of Internet entrepreneurs, Internet operational talents and IT talents) and services. Educational and industrial collaborations progressing with the Netherlands, Japan and Israel; Germany, Japan; France, Italy and the United States of America.

World Family Forum (WFF)  

The World Family Forum (WFF) is a multistakeholder international and intergenerational one-stop engagement point for global family affairs. Together and collaboratively, individuals, governments, non-governmental and corporate organizations interact with the aim of driving innovative solutions on family-related issues while monitoring World Family Outlook (WFO) in the face of various global changes, technological advances and multiple global grand challenges. WFF engineers the gathering of family people from all walks of life who want to see the restoration and strengthening of intergenerational bonds which nourished families of the past and enabled them maintain sustainable forms and functionality in accordance with their cultural preferences.

Shanghai Mingde Institute of Learning Organizations (SMILO)

Shanghai Mingde Institute of Learning Organizations is a top-level consulting firm with over 25-year experience in event service provision to governments and non-governmental organization as well as educational services both in the formal and informal sectors.

Asia-Africa Alliance of Learning Organizations (AAALO) 

Asia-Africa Alliance of Learning Organizations is headquartered in Yunnan Province of China with branches across diverse Asian countries and expanding into African Countries. They include universities and other lifelong learning institutions.

Niji Group

Niji Group is a conglomerate of six related agricultural and agribusiness companies specializing in agricultural equipment designs & fabrication, specialized farming, food processing & packaging, agribusiness education, hospitality and tractor assembling & trading in Nigeria. The group maintains about six thousand five hundred (6,500) hectares of farmland for producing arable crops in Nigeria. Our farm is reputed to have the largest single cassava farmland across West Africa and our reputation as the leading cassava value-chain frontier in Nigeria since 1999. Niji Group is renowned for spearheading and sustaining the design, construction and installation of indigenous agro-processing equipment and machinery across several agricultural value chains. It has designed, constructed and installed thirty (30) tonnes of cassava output capacity for its food processing and packaging company at our Oyo State, Nigeria, farm premises. The successes and experiences of the group in agricultural and agribusiness enterprises are being replicated in various stakeholders by training & capacity development through our Niji Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (NISA). Through its Niji Agro Solutions company, the group has also partnered with various African public and private enterprises for agro-equipment & facility concessions, technical services and consultancy services.

Diplomontage Productions Ltd. 

At Diplomontage Productions Limited, we are committed to delivering exceptional results on every project, and our team of experienced filmmakers and production professionals shares this dedication. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to life through film, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and creativity. With experience working on projects in Nigeria and beyond, we bring a unique perspective to the global film industry. Whether you're looking to create a short film, a music video, commercial or a full-length feature, we have the expertise and passion to bring your vision to life.

Institute of Nigeria-China Development Studies, University of Lagos (INCDS)

INCDS-UNILAG is a world-class comprehensive resource epicenter for Chinese investors and Nigerian business people and others desiring to collaborate, cooperate and or work with one another from both countries to initiate and execute businesses of common interest. The Institute is to identify and assemble the fragments of the Nigeria-China relationship, especially in commercial, technical and intellectual activities. Also, properly harness the Nigeria-China relationship's immense potential in other areas such as general policies and diplomacy, arts and crafts, culture and tourism and more.



1.) Dr. Odii Elijah (President OAAD)

2.) Fadairo Yusuf (Coordinator WCF)

 Guest Speakers:

1.) AMB. Ogun Chimezie (Consul, General Shanghai Consulate)

2.) Engr. Adeniji Kolawole ( MD. CEO. Niji Group)

3.) Prof. Olufemi Saibu ( Director, UNILAG - INCDS)

4.) Ms. Chinyere Luke ( CEO. Eat-Healthy Palm oil production limited)

5.) Leonard Tchuta (LEO) PhD (Chairman and CTO, SBOS)

Conference date:

📇 Saturday, April 22, 2023


Location/Venue: Conference hall

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Shanghai


And Online via (Zoom)

Meeting ID: 843 5180 3534

Passcode: 1122


⏲️ 8:00 PM (China time)

⏲️ 8:00 AM (New York)

⏲️ 1:00 PM (Nigeria time)


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