The concept of family is highly revered in Africa. Parents, guardians and entire family members have significant roles to play in the upbringing of a child, being that they are the first contact which their children have. For proper development of a child into a mature and well-balanced adult with the right attitude and perspective to life, parents must see themselves as primary educators. Parental involvement is crucial to younger children as they provide a child the context to acquire school-related skills and develop psychological motivation and self-worth.

It is against this background that members of the Organization for the African Academic Doctors (OAAD) in Shanghai attended the Fifth International symposium on minors ideological and moral development. The conference was hosted under the theme “Life growth and parent-child companionship from the perspective of lifelong learning and also launched the “Family Education Dream Support Action Plan”. The conference provided a platform to discuss best practices and solutions to raising children who will eventually become responsible and disciplined adults. Discussions and presentations were centered on life growth and parent-child companionship, parent-child relationship and transference of traditional values from the perspective of lifelong learning.

Eleven (11) representatives of OAAD from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal and Tanzania were in attendance. Three OAAD members delivered speeches on the conference theme while three others submitted conference papers titled “The Parent-Child relationship from perspective of lifelong learning”,Sustainable parent-child relationship in a changing world: lifelong training for independence” and “The role of African Parents in Building the curricula of the younger generation: a lifelong learning” respectively.

Find below, comments from OAAD delegate conference attendees:

As a continent, we should work towards strengthening initiatives for family literacy, ensuring that families play a greater role as lifelong educators for their children through transferring knowledge and cultural values. African Nations can engage parents and promote the importance of parent-child learning in order to build healthy relationships that will in turn assist in developing disciplined adults. OAAD and the Yangpu District Government can profit through collaborations such as research and benchmarking best practices between African countries and China.”

Monika Shifotoka.

“The International symposium was refreshing, a good primer, invigorating, both intellectually and emotionally. It provides a depth of understanding raised as many questions as it has given answers. Further synergy between the Government of Yangpu District and OAAD's pool of knowledge and talents will undoubtedly spur International alliances and growth of global networking.”
Dr O.Victor Ojo.

Doctor Oumar Niang

Dr Oumar Niang

"Yangpu’s long life learning and OAAD must work hand in hand and seal a formal collaboration. This will allow us to bring our contribution to the institute and also in return a cultural exchange between China and Africa. A collaboration between the Yangpu Institute and OAAD can be a solid bridge between Africa and China across the Silk Road. A collaboration between the institute and the OAAD, in the service of education.”


“The 5th International symposium was a great success with lots of lessons and insight on the part of education in Africa, its a representation of great importance attached to the education of a country for sustainable development. On the part OAAD as a body with lots of talented and educated experts, they can help the government of Yangpu with its knowledgeable and sufficient resources to achieve its education and partnership goals.”
Onwugbuya Chinemerem Gift

“Parents (Associations) should harness and build on African traditional child tutoring and mentoring approach to instill the values needed to be a good family member and productive member of society. OAAD has the opportunity to pursue comparative studies and case study reports of various lifelong learning approaches or other research fields from around the world, which can serve for policy guidance for the Yangpu government or other potential partners.”
Nduneseokwu Chibuike

"I consider myself lucky to have attended the 5th edition of the International symposium on Minor’s moral construction. We were lucky to understand that when it comes to education or transmission of values to younger generations, all the Nations of the earth are looking in the same direction. We all agree that it is love that should serve as the foundation.
Africa, our continent, through the student members of the OAAD, needs to improve the methods of communication between parents and children, teachers and students. Methods that in the past were excellent, but have deteriorated with all the shocks suffered by our continent. Regarding the contribution of the OAAD to support the Yangpu District Government as well as other partners, it can serve as an interchange platform that can allow the Yangpu district government to extend its action to several beneficiaries, given the International character of its activity. Thus, young Africans, members of OAAD, as Ambassadors, will benefit from this experience and will be able to help to the improvement of conditions in Africa."
Alphonse Katutakapua Kakanda

The conference was organized by the Yangpu District Study Office, Civilization Office, District Education Bureau of Yangpu District, Asian Alliance of Learning Organizations and Shanghai Mingde Institute of Learning Organization with OAAD providing necessary support.