Good day and very warm greetings my neighbours, fellow bipedal, large-brained colleagues.

Our hope is that this letter may charge you to start 2022 as hot as you can because starting temperature matters. We are happy to write you this letter at a time like this when the world needs deeply sincere and committed help from every resident in order for us to retain any hope of living here in a sustainable manner.

(Fair use image): Starting Temperature Matters, start as hot as possible!

We knew we had to do it after observing how the COVID global pandemic obliterated many United Nations SDGs gains we recorded as a species in combating global challenges for the past several years and now we have only 8 years to go. Please kindly see the points we share.

No. 1
Billions of years have passed since we met the Bovids (Bovidae - family of obligate herbivores e.g cows, goats, deers e.t.c.).

No. 2
Whether in the wild or domesticated, none of them by themselves in any country ever had another direct use for vegetables than food.

(Fair use image): Cows, domesticated representative of the family Bovidae which includes all obligate herbivores

No. 3.
For Homo sapiens, not so: some of us have already adopted the job description we are recommending in this letter but more need to join as soon as possible.

(Fair use image): Some stages of evolution

No. 4
For those who have adopted it in diverse fields of endeavour - entrepreneurs, researchers, traders, doctors, teachers, students - representatives in all professions, their normal everyday life/current job description is "intentionally searching for and challenging status quo, then innovating better things or better ideas for enhancing the quality of life of fellow Homo sapiens, using replicable methods which others can learn and implement!"

No. 5
It was this job description that led some of us some years ago to turn vegetables to Biogas and we began using it for electric energy instead of continuing the status quo of using vegetables as food and nothing else. Another amongst us turned vegetables to perfumes and yet another to detergents and several other useful products.

No. 6
It is described as sustainable because challenging status quo often removes or minimizes dependence on many environmentally, economically and socially unfriendly substances and processes. For example,  certain fossil fuels get replaced by renewable sources such as Biogas from vegetables and other biomass as well as other renewable sources of energy which shall hopefully revolutionise our electric vehicles as several companies around the globe keep working hard (listed at the end of this letter).

(Fair use image): Biomass field

No. 7
The above is just one example but it is 'equi-applicable' in everything you are doing alive and that is why it is described as universal.

#InnovationTime: If you don't mind, you may take a brief pause and think about the portion of the letter you have just read. Something is happening in your mind now and we hope you recognise it, innovative thoughts are forming, you could change the way you do some processes in your work e.g. factory manufacturing, procurement, sales and general business processes (we have smart options which we could recommend as a means of keeping tab on production and marketing dynamics) and that may just be what the world needs to enhance our survival potential as uncertainty looms.

No. 8
In 2022 & beyond, all members of our species are invited to BE INTENTIONAL, daily and unceasingly seek out uncomfortable status quo in whatever you are doing alive. See what others are doing and on your own think out solutions and boldly begin to execute. Except for those that got there based on inheritance, that is what most colleagues did and they became billionaires!

No. 9
Watch out, such solutions may be things in which you have inadequate expertise, no funds to cover it's development or things beyond the capacity of one person.

No. 10
Whatever the difficulty, if your innovative idea has capacity to limit human limitations and increase our quality of life, we assure you, over 7 billion of us are here for you.

Fair use image: #TogetherWeCan, #TogetherEachAchievesMore

No. 11.
Go ahead, BE INTENTIONAL in building trust & meaningful relationships.

No. 12
We reassure you, we shall pay you, make you financially free and celebrate you for any solutions you bring. We look forward to putting your name on the list of billionaires in 2022 or later.

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