Four outstanding social networking & media platforms [formerly Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram] are largely owned by one individual whose surname pops up as soon as the first letter is typed, Z - for Zuckerberg.

Recently, he created a new name, Meta, and renamed his company, Facebook, which is actually the largest social networking platform in the world. In a recent speech, Mr Z explained that the name change became necessary in order to "reflect the company's vision and what it stands for."

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In addition to the big 4 listed above, Mr Z having founded or acquired several other companies has over 10 entities wherein he holds majority shares.

Question 1: From whence originated the idea to rename the company?

Answer: Most likely from inside Zuckerberg!

Corroborated by Zuckerberg's experience who on his own accord had started off PLANNING & EXECUTING with a number of roommates in 2004, success is more likely when we overcome all barriers and work with other well-meaning innovative minds!

In one speech, Mr. Z said, "I can't write all codes".

Some other giant entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Zhong Shanshan and Aliko Dangote also strongly endorse that self-motivated #Planning&Executing is more effective when one has a good team that understands and believes in the vision.

Elon Musk, Zhong Shanshan, Aliko Dangote and Jeff Bezos (Fair Use Images).

"Alone, the strongest amongst us is like a deer fighting a lion" - ODII, 2020.

In 2022, my neighbors, as you #Plan&Execute, note the following:

  1. No matter where you come from, your current realities or your background, you are allowed to think beyond the room and accept that the whole world is your market.
  2. Ask global billionaires; “they don't wait to be told to do something; they just plan & execute" - Dr. Thomas Mensah.

    Dr. Thomas Mensah

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    Ghanaian innovator of fibre optics, a technology upon which the internet now heavily leans as it evolves. He also led the team that developed the the first laser-guided missile systems for the United States and holds over a dozen patents.

  3. At the OAAD Resident Think Tank and the EXCO, we chose to think and act using the same method.
  4. For example:
  • When we imagine the year 2030, we think of what we would like to see on the news about OAAD, then, we think of how we expect that to affect the quality of life and dignity of Africans.
  • Next: we plan and set up committees to find passionate people and we work together... All Africans should do likewise or better. Ensure to document your methodology and make it replicable so that others may follow if they so wish! Tesla no longer hides most of their intellectual property. You may not be there today, but aim for the sun.
  • For those who have joined some community research or project group, give your best!
  • That group is part of a bigger process which is intended to place an item on the news several or few years later; an item that can enhance the quality of life and increase the dignity of Africans.
  • On your priority list, if you have authority over certain items without harming your overall life goals, consider giving a good position to community tasks.
  • Hopefully, we all shall achieve our individual and collective desires!
  • Persistency-Consistency-Results...that is how we roll...
  • You & I shall benefit. Others shall see & believe! Then together, we shall make it happen for all in our communities and beyond...
  • Look well & see what you can do as soon as you can. The least contributor today could become the greatest contributor tomorrow!

Compliments of the season and a result-filled 2022 to you, family & friends!

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ODII EC PhD, Environmental Management
Faculty member at University of Nigeria, Global Interprofessional Collaboration Mobilizer, Resident African Resource Person, Sustainability Advisor, President of Organization of African Academic Doctors (OAAD). See more about this author on LinkedIn, may contact on

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