OAAD Agricultural Research Group

The Organisation of African Academic Doctors (OAAD)-Agricultural Research Group is dedicated to finding evidence-based solutions for Africa’s challenges via scientific inquiry that takes into account the many dimensions of Agriculture. For a comprehensive Africa-wide outlook on GMOs and the barriers to their widespread acceptance throughout Africa, check out our newest collaborative research from the Agricultural

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This month I published my 60th journal article. It took me 9 years to get here. A lot of rejections and lessons. And, importantly, I finally developed a writing system that could spare you from desk rejections. I will be sharing it with you bit by bit. I use this writing system every time. And

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We are Hitting over 100 Publications in Reputable Journals in Just About 2 Years: OAAD’s Newest Publication in Science of the Total Environment IF 10.73

In 2018, Elsevier published an article stating that Africa contributes less than 1% of global research output. Now we are making a difference and this work "Understanding key vectors and vector-borne diseases associated with freshwater ecosystem across Africa: Implications for public health" https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.160732 (Free download using personalized Share Link: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1gFvtB8ccuwII Feel free to cite it if

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The OAAD Epidemiology & Health Statistics Group (OAAD EHSg)

The goal of the Epidemiology and Health Statistics Group is to improve the health of the population by serving as a source of expertise in research and academia through collaboration among African Researchers to better understand the public health and burden of diseases, etiology, prevention, and treatment of disease. Through an interdisciplinary collaborative supporting environment,

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UNIDO GLOBAL CALL FOR SOLUTIONS 2022, APPLY TODAY: Presidents Make the Commitments, Citizens Implement

In continuation of the efforts towards mobilizing for Precision Citizen Participation (PCP) in advancement of sustainable development through innovative solutions in Africa and the world, on September 2, 2022, a team of distinguished African delegates led by the President, Organization of African Academic Doctors (OAAD), Dr. ODII Elijah represented Africa joining other dignitaries from around

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OAAD Members Success Celebration

EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE FROM BOAMAH ET AL. SUPPORT THE AFRICAN SAYING "FATHERS ARE FEATHERS": USEFULNESS OF MENTORSHIP FOR EARLY CAREER RESEARCHERS AND YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS. By Adebayo Opabunmi, OAAD Department of Welfare & Member Progress. African culture strongly values tacit transference of knowledge; the less experienced fly unto greater achievements riding on the wings of more experienced

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