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OAAD Members Success Celebration

EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE FROM BOAMAH ET AL. SUPPORT THE AFRICAN SAYING "FATHERS ARE FEATHERS": USEFULNESS OF MENTORSHIP FOR EARLY CAREER RESEARCHERS AND YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS. By Adebayo Opabunmi, OAAD Department of Welfare & Member Progress. African culture strongly values tacit transference of knowledge; the less experienced fly unto greater achievements riding on the wings of more experienced

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OAAD Oncology and Cancer Research Group

Introduction of the OAAD Oncology and Cancer Research Group The OAAD Oncology and Cancer Research Group is one of the hundreds of sub-research groups of OAAD that will focus on delivering quality research on cancer treatment, understanding of the latest trends and mechanisms of cancer diagnosis, and therapeutic approach for current cancer prevention and aid

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OAAD Social Sciences Research Group

OAAD Social Sciences also known as OAAD House of Social Scientists (OAAD HSS) is a research sub-group made up of African academics (both PhD holders and PhD candidates) who are mindful of the role of social sciences in nation building. Many global and African challenges are connected with human behavior, relationships, resources, and institutions. Therefore

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OAAD Masters Grooming (OMG) Initiative

Almost 300 Master Degree holders and current students who are interested in running a PhD are mentored under the OAAD Masters Grooming Initiative (OMG Initiative). Through OMG Initiative, we extend mentorship to people who are not yet eligible to join the OAAD. Here, hands-on training on academic publishing is provided for master degree holders or

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OAAD Transportation and Logistics Research Group

The OAAD Transportation and Logistics also known as (OAAD TransLogistics Lab) Research Group seeks to leverage scientific findings to create sustainable transportation and logistics systems in Africa. Our research works cover green transport modes, shared mobility solutions, rapid urban transit, traffic safety, intelligent transportation systems, informal transport, railway transportation, marine transportation, logistics supply and management,

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OAAD Economics Research Group

“An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today.” ― Laurence J. Peter The different Socio-economic issues facing African nations indicate an urgent need for well-designed solutions. Such solutions need data-based decision making to ensure precise enhancement of the quality of lives of people across Africa. The

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